Top 10 Holiday destinations

Top 10 Christmas Holiday Destinations for UAE Travelers

A Magical Getaway Awaits

As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of Christmas casts its enchanting spell, beckoning travelers from the United Arab Emirates to explore new lands and immerse themselves in festive wonder. From picturesque snowy landscapes to vibrant cityscapes adorned with twinkling lights, here are the top 10 countries that UAE travelers can consider for an unforgettable Christmas holiday experience.

Prague, Czech Republic:

Known as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague is a fairytale destination during Christmas. Its charming old town square comes alive with bustling Christmas markets, ornate decorations, and an ice-skating rink. Visitors can enjoy traditional Czech pastries, warm mulled wine, and the unforgettable sight of Prague Castle dusted with snow.

Sydney, Australia:

For UAE travelers seeking a warm Christmas, Sydney offers a unique experience. With temperatures soaring in December, Christmas is celebrated on the beach with BBQs, picnics, and fireworks over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bondi Beach is a hub of festive energy, perfect for those who want a beachy Yuletide.

St. Petersburg, Russia:

St. Petersburg’s imperial elegance is accentuated during Christmas. The city transforms into a winter wonderland, adorned with lights and decorations. The grandeur of the Hermitage Museum, the beauty of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and the Neva River create a magical backdrop for the holiday season.

London, UK:

The heart of the UK is a quintessential Christmas destination. From the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas tree to the dazzling lights of Oxford Street, London offers a multitude of festive delights. Ice skating at Somerset House, exploring Christmas markets, and witnessing the beauty of Buckingham Palace make for cherished memories.

Munich, Germany:

Munich’s historic charm is at its peak during Christmas. The Marienplatz hosts a vibrant Christmas market with wooden stalls selling crafts, decorations, and delectable treats. The scent of roasted chestnuts fills the air as visitors gather around to enjoy the festive ambiance.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and cobblestone streets provide a serene backdrop for a Christmas retreat. The city comes alive with holiday lights, and its numerous museums and attractions offer a cozy escape from the winter chill. A canal cruise adorned with lights is a must-do experience.


For a Christmas infused with religious significance, Israel offers a spiritual journey. Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, hosts a midnight mass at the Church of the Nativity. Jerusalem’s Old City resonates with history, offering a unique Christmas experience for those seeking a deeper connection.


For UAE travelers who prefer a tropical Christmas, Thailand is an excellent choice. While not a traditional Christmas destination, places like Phuket and Bangkok still embrace the festive spirit. Enjoying a beachside celebration or exploring Thai culture during the holidays offers a unique blend of experiences.

Lapland, Finland:

Lapland is a dream destination for families and those young at heart. The official home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi, is a gateway to the Arctic Circle. Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, go reindeer sledding, and visit Santa’s village for a truly magical Christmas adventure.

Italy and Vatican City:

Italy’s rich history and cultural treasures make it a captivating Christmas destination. In Rome, the Vatican City’s midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica is a spiritual highlight. Exploring the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and indulging in Italian cuisine offer a unique holiday experience.

This holiday season, UAE travelers have a diverse range of destinations to choose from, each offering its own brand of Christmas magic. Whether it’s the snow-covered streets of Prague, the beach festivities in Sydney, or the cultural richness of Italy, there’s a Christmas wonderland awaiting every traveler’s heart’s desire. So pack your bags, embrace the festive spirit, and create lasting memories in one of these captivating countries.