Tabeer Kabayan Trust

To our honorable guests,

Mr. Paul Raymon,

The Philippine Consulate General, Mrs, Elizabeth Picar, Ms, Maria Baringas and our Media partners, Khaleej Times and Filipino Times and the Management of Tabeer..

Good Evening! (In Tagalog)


“We can’t help everyone but everyone can definitely help someone.” With a firm belief in this quote by Dr. Loretta Scott, Tabeer Tourism, based in Dubai introduced its first ever Charity Trust for Philippines nationality today on the 24 th of April 2017 that also marked its 8 th year anniversary celebrations.

Something just came as a mere thought to the team of Tabeer Tourism, was put forward to the Consulate General of Philippines in Dubai and was later executed.

Mr. Imitiaz Hussain, General Manager of Tabeer defined: “Why not make humanity a religion and preach it?” His major beliefs are focused on serving humanity beyond the boundaries of religion, culture and communities.

“Tabeer Kabayan Trust will act like an aid to all Filipinos living in Dubai who are the victims of severe crisis, and are in need of getting back to their home country. The motive of starting a Kabayan trust was because Tabeer has a major market share coming in from the Philippine market and they realized the need of helping the ones who are helping them grow.

Tabeer Tourism has also been actively participating in various other Charity driven programs and believes in the continuation of taking such steps towards humankind. Its journey in the direction of the good has just begun.

The Dubai based company wishes to continue introducing and participating in such charity trusts that would bring the world a step closer to what it lacks - Humanity.

Tabeer Tourism has religious believed in bringing many dreams come true and with the help of such charity trusts, many dreams would definitely come to life, which is evident in their future plans of starting a charity trust in the Provinces of the Philippines.